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CCS’14 – Securing SSL Certificate Verification through Dynamic Linking

Our paper ‘Securing SSL Certificate Verification through Dynamic Linking‘ is ready for download from CCS’14. This post gives a brief introduction of main idea of this paper – certShim, and then concentrates on bytecode instrumenting in JVM to fix some … Continue reading

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excel2csv – Parse Excel file into CSV files / Parse CSV files into CSV data structure

excel2csv is a tool used to read an Excel file in and convert it into a bunch of CSV files or just read a CSV file and parse it into the CSV data structure which could be used by upper … Continue reading

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Jython – Combination of Java and Python

This post is used for final project of CIS610 – Teaching Effectiveness in CIS dept at UO, dedicated to the students with background of CIS122 – Intro to Algorithms and Problem Solving Using Python. Background of Java is not mandatory … Continue reading

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cccmt – Coverity code complexity metrics tool

cccmt is used to parse the METRICS.errors.xml generated by cov-analyze of Coverity to produce a Code Complexity Metrics (CCM) report of different functions. SAX is used to parse XML file instead of DOM as the XML file may be very … Continue reading

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jmgsim again – jmgsim-ov, git and github fantastic!

While Kenny (kenny.du@alcatel-lucent.com) is refactoring ‘jmgsim’ in java.net, I am looking for a better code repository to hold my initial, tested and verified source code of jmgsim for my personal reference as well as design mapping in first_post_of_jmgsim. Finally I … Continue reading

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jmgsim – a Java implementation of H.248 media gateway simulator

‘jmgsim’ is a Java implementation of H.248 Media Gateway (MG) simulator and Media Gateway Controller (MGC) simulator used for testing real MG/MGC. It is coded within NetBeans 7.1 and has been published as a public project at ‘java.net’, as ‘kenai’ … Continue reading

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dave’s random integer generator – drig

Project Name: drig Destination: A Java Swing GUI application for demo random integer generation with given range and number requested – random lucky numbers generation for lottery. Language: Java IDE: NetBeans Project Web: http://kenai.com/projects/drig SVN address: https://svn.kenai.com/svn/drig~drig-src Source Code: http://kenai.com/projects/drig/sources/drig-src/showContinue reading

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