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Linux Kernel DSA and Provenance Release

Linux Provenance kernel (2.6.32) and tools for CentOS and RedHat Enterprise Linux https://github.com/daveti/prov-kernel https://github.com/daveti/prov-tools Linux kernel crypto – DSA https://github.com/daveti/kdsa During the development on kernel 2.6.32, we found a bug in mpi-pow.c which failed DSA.  The patch file has been included … Continue reading

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Kernel Hacking – use crypto API in the IRQ context

After my first post about Linux kernel crypto API, I keep playing with kernel crypto API for DSA and RSA implementations (will talk about these in my future posts). The truth is crypto API is NOT designed for IRQ context. … Continue reading

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Hack Go – generate non-FIPS DSA key parameters using hacked Go compiler

Common DSA key parameter generation follow FIPS 186-3, which requires (L, N) bits length for P and Q, where L is at least 1024 and N is at least 160. However, sometimes we may want non-FIPS (L, N), for example, … Continue reading

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crypto – use Linux kernel crypto API

Crypto is an important part of the Linux kernel source code. One can tell from the standalone crypto directory under the kernel source tree. Device drivers, file system and security all need crypto. This post does not help understand the … Continue reading

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