jmgsim again – jmgsim-ov, git and github fantastic!

While Kenny ( is refactoring ‘jmgsim’ in, I am looking for a better code repository to hold my initial, tested and verified source code of jmgsim for my personal reference as well as design mapping in first_post_of_jmgsim. Finally I have found my ultimate code repository – github!

Project Name: jmgsim-ov
Destination: A Java implementation of H.248 Media Gateway Simulator - original version
Language: Java
IDE: NetBeans 7.1
Project Web:
Git Read Only:
Why github?
1. kenai is good but closing inprog...
2. is good but restricted with Java related code.
3. needs community manager's approvement to make the project public.
4. Google Code is good but I just do not like the web style...
5. github is NOT restricted with any kind of code!
6. All projects in github could be public without approvement!
7. git is similar with svn!
8. git/github rookie guide is so friendly!

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Interested in kernel hacking, compilers, machine learning and guitars.
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