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Interested in kernel hacking, compilers, machine learning and guitars.

SafeThings 2023

SafeThings 2023 IEEE/ACM Workshop on the Internet of Safe Things Co-located with CPS-IoT Week 2023 ยป San Antonio, Texas USA, May 9, 2023 The Internet of Things has become increasingly popular and innovative. With the rise of connected devices, we have … Continue reading

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IEEE Workshop on the Internet of Safe Things

Dear Colleagues, Apologies if this reached you through multiple channels. If you or anyone you know does research in Security and Privacy related to IoT, Mobile Devices and Platforms, Cyber-Physical Systems please consider submitting your early work or demos of … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts about PCI Express Device Security Enhacement

The USB Type-C Authentication specification provides a method to authenticate USB products, although with some flaws. As you might wonder — what about other non-USB peripherals? How can we establish trust with them instead of “Trust-by-Default”? That’s how I ended … Continue reading

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Some notes for my security class stduents…

There were some crazy shooting and beating incidents happened in the past few weeks, and we have seen how our communities are trying to fight together to stop the hatred and racism. Unsurprisingly, my students asked me for my comments … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Kernel Build Again

I wrote two blog posts about Linux kernel build on Ubuntu [1,2]. There is also an official wiki page talking about the same thing [3]. Still, things are broken when I try to create a homework assignment for my class. … Continue reading

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USB Fuzzing: A USB Perspective

Syzkaller [1] starts to support USB fuzzing recently and has already found over 80 bugs within the Linux kernel [2]. Almost every fuzzing expert whom I talked to has started to apply their fuzzing techniques to USB because of the … Continue reading

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Speculations on Intel SGX Card

One of the exciting things Intel has brought to RSA 2019 is Intel SGX Card [2]. Yet there is not much information about this coming hardware. This post collects some related documentation from Intel and speculates what could happen within … Continue reading

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Syscall hijacking in 2019

Whether you need to implement a kernel rootkit or inspect syscalls for intrusion detection, in a lot of cases, you might need to hijack syscall in a kernel module. This post summorizes detailed procedures and provides a working example for … Continue reading

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Kernel build on Nvidia Jetson TX1

This post introduces native Linux kernel built on the Nvidia Jetson TX1 dev board. The scripts are based on the jetsonhacks/buildJetsonTX1Kernel tools. Our target is JetPack 3.3 (the latest SDK supporting TX1 by the time of writing). All the scripts … Continue reading

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Setting up Nvidia Jetson TX1

Starting from this post, I will share my learning and hacking experience on Nvidia Jetson TX1 dev board. This post discusses the installation issue of JetPack [4] and post-installation configurations for TX1. We assume users follow the JetPack 3.3 installation … Continue reading

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