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Ubuntu Kernel Build Again

I wrote two blog posts about Linux kernel build on Ubuntu [1,2]. There is also an official wiki page talking about the same thing [3]. Still, things are broken when I try to create a homework assignment for my class. … Continue reading

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Cross compile user-space applications using Yocto for Gumstix Overo

An official way to add a software package using Yocto is to add a new layer if there is no recipe existing for this package. Then baking the whole image should have it included. However, we are not going to … Continue reading

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Something about dynamic lib – ldd,, nm, dlsym()

Dynamic lib may be the widely used mechanism for code reusing and memory saving, both for Windows and UNIX/Linux systems. To better understand the dynamic lib, we will try to fix the famous error during linking and investigate the symbols … Continue reading

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NLTK – install nltk for Python2.7 on 64-bit win 7

There are some tricky stuffs if you are planning to install nltk for your Python2.7 (Note, only Python 2.x is supported right now) on 64-bit win7 system. Generally, all these awkward trouble are caused by stupid windows installer, which may … Continue reading

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Git Server – small team development using private code repository

This post summaries the procedure for setting up a git server for small team development using private code repository. The trigger is that github does NOT provide free private repository (except student/teacher account) and we are not ready to open … Continue reading

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gprof and dot – some hints using gprof, gprof2dot and dot

Recently done a performance tuning using gprof, gprof2dot and dot. While there are already a lot of webs talking about them respectively or generally. This post is trying to provide some hints from my real experience, as well as some … Continue reading

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quick guide for new language support in netbeans

Original web:  在netbeans下写新的语言支持插件 Published on NetBeans Zone ( Quick Start: Creating Language Tools In NetBeans IDE By greeniridium Created 2008/04/14 – 5:44pm NetBeans IDE is one of the main free Java editors in the market. In fact, it can be … Continue reading

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Tune look&feel, language for NetBeans

To change the look&feel, language for NetBeans (改变NetBeans的外观和默认的语言环境), especially for the IDE on Windows XP with default language – Chinese: Modify ‘netbeans.conf’ under your ‘$NETBEANS_HOME/etc/’  by adding –laf javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel //change the look&feel into Java metal style –locale en_US // change … Continue reading

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