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myssh – an interactive ssh management tool

Inspired by the putty manager on Windows system, I have spent the whole afternoon to write ‘myssh’ – an interactive ssh management tool providing the ability to save, display, choose and connect your ssh connection automatically. I am not sure … Continue reading

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Git Server – small team development using private code repository

This post summaries the procedure for setting up a git server for small team development using private code repository. The trigger is that github does NOT provide free private repository (except student/teacher account) and we are not ready to open … Continue reading

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jmgsim again – jmgsim-ov, git and github fantastic!

While Kenny (kenny.du@alcatel-lucent.com) is refactoring ‘jmgsim’ in java.net, I am looking for a better code repository to hold my initial, tested and verified source code of jmgsim for my personal reference as well as design mapping in first_post_of_jmgsim. Finally I … Continue reading

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blog.com is blocked by the Chinese Government – do the right thing – some thoughts on GFW

Once it happens, it happens fast. Even though support@blog.com has fixed the bug in spam filter, people in China mainland are unable to access any XXXX.blog.com. Yes, Blog.com is blocked by Great Firewall of China (aka for GFW), like Facebook, … Continue reading

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tcpdump on diskless – tod

Name: tod (无盘机器上的tcpdump) Language: KSH Destination: tcpdump on diskless Orignal Intention: Run tcpdump on diskless machine where memory space is highly restricted Version: 0.0 Supported Protocol: UDP/TCP/SCTP Supported OS: Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris Note: ‘root’ permission is preferred to avoid OS kernel error … Continue reading

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