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getdelays – get delay accounting information from the kernel

Top may be the most common tool in use whenever a preformance issue is hit. It is simple, quick and dumb. Besides the heavy metal stuffs like perf and gprof, another really useful and simple tool is getdelays, which provides … Continue reading

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arpsec – Securing ARP from the Ground Up

Our paper “Securing ARP from the Ground Up” has been accepted as a short paper by CODASPY15, which will be in San Antonio, TX from March 2nd to 4th. In this post, we will talk about our solution to ARP … Continue reading

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nex – Linux netlink programming for kernel and user spaces

There are ways to communicate with Linux kernel, including /proc, debugfs, syscall and etc. Most of them are unidirectional, from the kernel to the user space. /proc could be used to ‘write’ to the kernel but mostly in small data … Continue reading

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