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Speculations on Intel SGX Card

One of the exciting things Intel has brought to RSA 2019 is Intel SGX Card [2]. Yet there is not much information about this coming hardware. This post collects some related documentation from Intel and speculates what could happen within … Continue reading

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nested KVM – just for fun

KVM is based on virtualization instruction set – either Intel vmx or AMD svm, which provides the ability to run the VM directly without emulation or translation. In other words, KVM could only be enabled if it sees vmx/svm in … Continue reading

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Fedora 20 – some post installation issues may bother

Even though Fedora wiki has posted some common issues after the system is upgraded into Fedora 20, interestingly, none of them applies the issues I have encountered:( Anyway, this post is for guys who may have a little bit chance … Continue reading

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Android 4.0 for x86 – Install Android 4.0 using KVM in your Linux

Thanks to the project Android-x86, now Android 4.0 is able to run in our PC stably. Just installed Android 4.0 in my Fedora 18 Linux using KVM – it is stable and cool! This post shares some key points for … Continue reading

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