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Ubuntu Kernel Build Again

I wrote two blog posts about Linux kernel build on Ubuntu [1,2]. There is also an official wiki page talking about the same thing [3]. Still, things are broken when I try to create a homework assignment for my class. … Continue reading

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“make deb-pkg” broken

Last time when I hacked the Linux kernel on Ubuntu, it was 4.4 on LTS 14.04. Time flies. Now I need to hack the kernel 4.13 again on LTS 16.04, and find the kernel build broken. It is fine that … Continue reading

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EXT4-fs error – use Ubuntu to fix Fedora

The most terrible thing a Linux could have may be some errors reported by the file system. It is usually caused by power outages or bad blocks/sectors within the hard drive. Eventually, as a Linux user, you may at least … Continue reading

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nested KVM – just for fun

KVM is based on virtualization instruction set – either Intel vmx or AMD svm, which provides the ability to run the VM directly without emulation or translation. In other words, KVM could only be enabled if it sees vmx/svm in … Continue reading

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Official Ubuntu Linux kernel build (with IMA enabled)

As a branch of Debian, Ubuntu shares the same ideas on Linux kernel build, but with some difference. This post takes a great reference to the Ubuntu official wiki page on how to do kernel build. Moreover, we are going … Continue reading

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