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Something about dynamic lib – ldd, ld.so.conf, nm, dlsym()

Dynamic lib may be the widely used mechanism for code reusing and memory saving, both for Windows and UNIX/Linux systems. To better understand the dynamic lib, we will try to fix the famous error during linking and investigate the symbols … Continue reading

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Valgrind – dynamic code analysis tool – part VII – ERROR: ld.so: object ‘/dev/shm/valgrind/lib/valgrind/vgpreload_core-amd64-linux.so’ from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.

Recently encountered a ld error when starting 64-bit valgrind (3.7.0) for 64-bit binary. This is a bug in 3.7.0 and the fix will be submitted into 3.8.0. Detailed info could be found via (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=286270). As always, we could either checkout … Continue reading

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x86 assembly programming with GNU – tool tips

1. coding pattern # Pattern used by as and ld .section .data < initialized data here> .section .bss < uninitialized data here> .section .text .globl _start _start: < instruction code here> ———————————- # Pattern used by gcc .section .data < … Continue reading

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