excel2csv – Parse Excel file into CSV files / Parse CSV files into CSV data structure

excel2csv is a tool used to read an Excel file in and convert it into a bunch of CSV files or just read a CSV file and parse it into the CSV data structure which could be used by upper layer application. The design and implementation of excel2csv is simple and stupid, feel free to make it part of your project!

Excel2csv.java – a static main class/function used to read an Excel file and convert it into few CSV files
CsvParser.java – a CSV parser (to parse the CSV file into CSV data structure/class)
Csv.java – Csv data structure
CsvColumn – Csv column data structure

Project Name: excel2csv
Destination: Excel/CSV Parser
Language: Java
IDE: NetBeans 7.2
Library: jExcel/jxl
Project Web: https://github.com/daveti/excel2csv
Git Read Only: https://github.com/daveti/excel2csv.git

About daveti

Interested in kernel hacking, compilers, machine learning and guitars.
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