A page about Python class, learning, information, resource and QAs for CIS 122 students at University of Oregon, as well as Python beginners!

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2013

CIS 122 Intro to Algorithms and Problem Solving Using Python in CIS dept at University of Oregon

Online python exercises from University of Waterloo ~ CS circles

0. Download and install Python

1. IDLE crash on MAC system
Need to install ActiveTcl library instead of using the Apple provided one. Please check the link below:

2. Jython intro
Interested in writing Java code using Python style? Check the like below:

3. 64-bit libraries for Windows
If you are looking for compiled 64-bit Python extension packages, please go to the link:

4. Python online visualizer
An online Python interpreter which is trying to visualize the process of code running:

5. Python online console
An online Python interpreter in case if your local one is not working…

6. Caesar Cipher in Python
An implementation of Caesar code encoder, decoder and brute force decoder based on statistics:

7. Regular Expression
An example of regular expression in Python:

8. PyScripter
The IDE for Python I am using…

9. Make a melody using Python?
Yes, you could do that ~ compose your own song:

10. Play music using Python
Just write a simple MP3 player by yourself:

11. Pointers in Python
Yes, we could use pointers in Python…

12. Yet another online Python Visualizer

13. Parallel Python

A byte of Pythonshort and brief intro to Python programming
Writing games using Python – free online books for game programming using Python
Intro to Turtle – official documents for Turtle graphics


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