Find your paradise – “I feel I was born to do this. It’s in my blood.”

The quote was from a truck driver who has been driving for 25 years. Check out the question from Quora and the answer from Mr. Rick Klugman:

After 4 days in D.C. for a conference travel, almost-cancelled flight back home, being sick the whole weekend, pushing another paper to another damn conference till last night, I am truly exhausted. This reminds me the old days in the company when I was a junior developer staring at the screen 14 hours a day, trying to find the bug. Of course, things got better later due to the technical growth along with more experience. However, I still became exhausted and frustrated 3 years 8 months later, when I decided to come back to school, hoping trying to find something different. The most valuable thing I have learned in this period is that I know I love machines and coding.

My first year of the Ph.D. program did not go well. The lesson learn is that do NOT come to an conclusion (either like or dislike sth) until you have been digging around at least 6 months. Another way of saying this is the quote from a senior developer in my old company – “You do not know that thing until you do that thing!”. I changed my research direction and advisor the next year and thank God, I am still working on the same direction with the same advisor!

Do I enjoy the research in general? Frankly, it is hard to tell. I hate travelings and I hate the fact that people would kill your paper even without reading it and I hate the fact that publication means everything. But I do enjoy the things I have been doing, either in the name of research or not. They cheer me up, give me headache and will continue fulfill my next 3 years as a Ph.D. student. I still love machines and coding and now I am playing with machines and coding a lot. This is the thing I want.

David Evans talks about “how to live in paradise” and academia is the paradise in his opinion. It is not important whether we agree with his opinion or not (FYI, I do not agree!). Similarly, the truck is the paradise for Mr. Rick Klugman and I believe he does not give a shit about security research. So how to find our own paradise? Mr. Rick Klugman gave the answer – “I feel I was born to do this. It’s in my blood”. When you have such a feeling, that is your paradise.

Find your paradise and enjoy~

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