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Gumstix Overo – USB gadget mass storage

This post introduces the general procedure to make gumstix overo work as an USB gadget mass storage using the Yocto Linux. Thanks Adam Lee (Gumstix) for the gadget configuration consulting and debugging. Thanks Tyler Nichols (OSIRIS Lab) for the hardware … Continue reading

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nested KVM – just for fun

KVM is based on virtualization instruction set – either Intel vmx or AMD svm, which provides the ability to run the VM directly without emulation or translation. In other words, KVM could only be enabled if it sees vmx/svm in … Continue reading

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Fedora 20 – some post installation issues may bother

Even though Fedora wiki has posted some common issues after the system is upgraded into Fedora 20, interestingly, none of them applies the issues I have encountered:( Anyway, this post is for guys who may have a little bit chance … Continue reading

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webcam on Linux (Fedora) – issues with Skype

Install a webcam on Linux is kind of tricky. The problem is almost none of the manufacturer would provide the Linux driver when delivering their products. And again, the power of open source community would be the hero again. There … Continue reading

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Nvidia, sucks – issues related with the official GPU driver and CUDA on Linux (Fedora 18)

Nvidia, you SUCK! If you are planning to install the latest official GPU driver for your latest Linux, which means most probably you wanna try CUDA, then please BE WARE! I had installed the 310.xx version of Nvidia Linux driver, … Continue reading

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Make my own Linux workstation – Dell Precision T5600 + Fedora 18 + Mate

An introduction to my recently constructed¬† Linux workstation: WORKSTATION: Dell Precision T5600 MONITOR: Dell UltraSharp 2412M POWER: 825W CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2609 4-core 2.40GHz ( MEM: 8G ECC 1333MHz GPU: 512M Nvidia NVS300 HD: 500G WD 7.2K XL500S RAID: H310 … Continue reading

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