NLTK – install nltk for Python2.7 on 64-bit win 7

There are some tricky stuffs if you are planning to install nltk for your Python2.7 (Note, only Python 2.x is supported right now) on 64-bit win7 system. Generally, all these awkward trouble are caused by stupid windows installer, which may be designed for 32-bit system regardless of 64-bit case. Here comes my experience for installing nltk pkg for my Python2.7 on my 64-bit win7 system.

1. General procedure from (you will find this is not gonna work…but for reference it is good)

2. Python2.7 is not in the registry?

3. Get the 64-bit numpy (BTW, this site is also a great repository for all unofficial python libs)

4. Get the 64-bit pypi installed (

Move this under your Python27scripts and run this You will then get the easy_install.exe, which is mentioned in And now, run ‘pip install pyyaml nltk

5. Get the extra PyLib?

There may be warning complaining missing PyLib when you try ‘import nltk’ and ‘help(nltk)’ – no problem, let us make it right.

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