Bye Eugene and Hi Gainesville – Yet another new start in life

I came across with the picture below and I decided to use it for this post, with the proud of being a DUCK. FYI, except this picture, this post is NOT related with any technologies or football. Save your time if you have got more fun to enjoy!


Life changes all the time, whether from good sides or bad sides. After 2 years as a Ph.D. student of CIS department at the University of Oregon (UO), I have just arrived at Gainesville, continuing my Ph.D. program of CISE department at the University of Florida (UF). Again, I have no idea if this will be good or bad. And eventually, there is no such thing which is designed to be good or bad by God, according to Quantum Physics. Depending on your ‘interference’, it will ‘display’ either good or bad.

Things have been changed a lot in my 2014, such as my age. I am not a Duck anymore. My father is in his 60th and looks more healthy than myself. I am married. My brother cried when I left for the U.S.. Fubao (our dog) starts to miss me. After sleeping in the couch of my friend’s apartment in Eugene for a week, I have just found another comfy couch in my friend’s house in Gainesville. I am still looking for a new place to live in Gainesville.

What is meaning of life? What do we want during the short time of life and is it worthy? Actually, I have stopped thinking about answers to these questions. Looking back, I have realized all I need to do is moving forward. There is alway something, which seems blur while so clear, directing my life. Unlike the Blues, it is both hard to feel and play. This sounds unfair given the short time of our life. On the other hand, this may be the only way to prove that we once truly lived.

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

— William Blake


About daveti

Interested in kernel hacking, compilers, machine learning and guitars.
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