Connect the Gumstix using minicom in Mac OS has provided the most useful information for developers about gumstix development, though a little bit out dated. This post will show a real example for Mac OS (10.9) to connect with a gumstix (Overo+Palo35) using minicom. Have fun!


1. minicom

Minicom is always recommended based on the previous experience. It supports both Linux and Mac OS. As the link above has covered the Linux. We will try to install minicom into Mac OS. Of course, we do not want to bootstrap from the source file. So please install either brew or port as your apt-get/yum for the Mac. Then
brew install minicom
NOTE: brew update may be needed or the latest version of Xcode (command line tools) is needed for the latest Mac OS (10.9)

2. minicom -s

This will drive you into the interactive menu of minicom. First, we need to choose “Serial Port Setup” and then configure the device and the connection. The link from is still helpful for all these configurations except for the name of the device. You have to figure out the name of the device after the gumstix is connected. In my case, I am using a USB converter and the gumstix is eventually connected to my Mac via a USB port. Hunting under /dev, you will find it – tty.usbserial-A7005snv.

3. minicom -o

Run the command above and then power on the gumstix and then login~

Compiled on Nov  4 2013, 21:48:22.
Port /dev/tty.usbserial-A7005snv
Press Meta-Z for help on special keys
Texas Instruments X-Loader 1.5.1 (Jul 17 2012 – 08:47:49)
OMAP3530-GP ES3.1
Board revision: 0
Reading boot sector
Loading u-boot.bin from mmc
U-Boot 2011.09 (Jul 16 2012 – 16:50:21)

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