fsl – Fedora Security Lab

fsl (Fedora Security Lab) is a customized Fedora OS for security hack/test based Fedora 19. Like the famous BackTrace Linux, fsl has integrated a butch of security tools. To take the advantage of fsl, either security liveCD or all the security pkgs included in fsl is needed. For the later solution, a shell script – fsli (Fedora Security Lab Install) is written to ease the tedious job.

1. LiveCD


2. yum (Fedora 19)

yum groupinstall security-lab

3. ansible (Fedora <19)

yum install ansible
wget https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/security-spin.git/plain/ansible-playbooks/fsl-packages.yml
ansible-playbook fsl-packages.yml -f 10

NOTE: hosts file may needs to configure…

4. fsli.sh (Fedora Any)

# Fedora Security Lab Install
# daveti@cs.uoregon.edu
# http://daveti.blog.com
# Jul 19, 2013

# Clear the old one
rm -rf “$FSLFILE” 2>&1 > /dev/null

# Get the txt file for fsl
wget “$FSLLINK”
if [ ! -f “$FSLFILE” ]
        echo “fsl pkg file does not exists!”
        exit 1

# Get the package name
while read line
        #echo “$line”
        STARTSYMBOL=`echo “$line” | cut -d” ” -f1 | tr -d ” “`
        #echo “$STARTSYMBOL”
        if [ “$STARTSYMBOL” == “*” ]
                #echo “$STARTSYMBOL”
                PKGNAME=`echo “$line” | cut -d” ” -f3 | tr -d ” “`
                PKGNAME=`echo “$PKGNAME” | cut -d”]” -f1 | tr -d ” “`
                echo “$PKGNAME:”
                # Install the pkg
                yum -y install “$PKGNAME”
done < “$FSLFILE”

About daveti

Interested in kernel hacking, compilers, machine learning and guitars.
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