New Fender, new song, old feelings

After leaving my 3 guitars at home, I have started constructing my new guitar family in US and fortunately got 2 – a new Fender strat standard and a used LTD kh-203. Fender has become my favorite not for a long time and I worote this song on Nov 5, 2012 using my un-plug’d Fender. Future is always unknown and maybe frustrating. There is no other way but keep walking. God bless us!


Name: Last night
Originated: daveti
Tune: E
Date: Nov 5, 2012
Rhythm: daveti
Vocal: daveti
Synthesize: daveti
Equipment: Fender strat standard, Internal mac of ThinkPad x230
Software: Java Sound Demo, Foobar 2000
Tab: E-A E-A B-A-E B-A-E
Note: A(E style with 6th fret), B(E style with 8th fret)

About daveti

Interested in kernel hacking, compilers, machine learning and guitars.
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