Guitar – My new personal designed Telecaster “daveti”, Orange and Song “Near Side”

Aha, after almost 1 month’s wating, I’ve got my ‘Green’ now – a personal designed Telecaster guitar with my personal logo “daveti” on the head. ‘Green’ right now is my 3rd guitar after ‘White”(Squier Strat) and ‘Black'(Jackson). The other new member of my ‘family’ is ‘Orange’ – Crush 20LDX sound box. Below are some pics of my ‘family’, as well as a cover version of a folk song from Lifeng Zhong (钟立风-在路旁). Enjoy:)

Pics from left to right, row by row, are 'Green',
'Green's "daveti" logo, 'Orange' and the 'Family'.

Name: Near side of the road
Originated: Lifeng Zhong
Tune: A
Date: Oct 27, 2011
Rhythm: daveti
Vocal: daveti
Solo: daveti
Synthesize: daveti
Equipment: Telecaster "daveti", Orange Crush 20LDX,
Internal mac of ThinkPad T61
Software: Java Sound Demo, Winamp 5.2
Tab: A-Cm-D-A, A-Cm-D-E

Try this cover version of folk song...[audio:|titles=Rhythm_Vocal_20111027]

About daveti

Interested in kernel hacking, compilers, machine learning and guitars.
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