Encounter – 2/4 of being flawless

This may be my favorite song written all by myself, for  someone I’ve met on someday, for me and my shadow. Wonder if the wheels of fate have been started. Anyway, like Dr House said, “All people’s dying except the ones who’s already been dead…”. With the hint and instruction of God, just take it, feel it and make ourselves a little more better, which I think is the only way of being flawless:)

Try the rhythm mp3 file: [audio:http://daveti.blog.com/files/2011/05/meet2.mp3|titles=meet2]

Try the rhythm+solo mp3 file: [audio:http://daveti.blog.com/files/2011/05/meet4.mp3|titles=meet4]

Name: Encounter – 2/4 of being flawless
Tune: Dmaj7
Date: May 2, 2011
Originated: daveti
Rhythm: daveti
Solo: daveti
Synthesize: daveti
Equipment: Fender Squier STRAT 0932 (unplugged), Internal mac of ThinkPad T61
Software: Java Sound Demo, Winamp 5.2

About daveti

Interested in kernel hacking, compilers, machine learning and guitars.
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