while my guitar madly weeps…

Well, this is my first post on my guitars:) I’ve got 2 elec-guitars right now – the black Jackson (Bought on 2002. PM44?I could not remember the model clearly) and the white Squier (Bought on 2009. CA Series special edition). Both the 2 guitars are very cheap but indeed have a good feeling for me no matter solo or rhythm. Below are some pics and one video during my playing in company. Enjoy:)

The left pic was took on 2010 Jan – Lucent QD R&D 2010 Evening Party – Jackson – Song: 爱了就爱了(陈琳)&外面的世界(齐秦); the right pic was took on 2010 Dec – Lucent QD R&D 5/10/15 Anniversary – Squier – Song: 不再犹豫(Beyond)&晴朗(老狼) – the same to the video below:) (Link to download the video if media player is not so kind enough: Squier_Dec_2010_Anniversary)

About daveti

Interested in kernel hacking, compilers, machine learning and guitars.
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4 Responses to while my guitar madly weeps…

  1. Jessica Zhao says:

    U have link of Cylab! U like security? I took one security class the last semester and is taking an advanced course this semester. It’s cool, though I am not good at it.

    • daveti says:

      Hi, lady. Sorry for owing a reply to your email….I was doing OS(Linux) and Apache security features during the at the right beginning in Lucent…though it was not so cool as u learned in class – I assume you have got some point on ‘shellcoder’:)

  2. Jessica Zhao says:

    I see. The Cylab link is from the link I sent to u 😛

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