SVN quick guide for kenai project

A quick reference of svn on kenai project to submit, checkin and checkout source code as a dev. The intro focuses on Windows SVN with http/https and take ‘drig’ as an example. Great thanks to official help page: Using Subversion on Microsoft Windows Systems

1. Download SVN client from SourceForge: Win32 build for Subversion
2. Install SVN on your local machine
3. Access drig project source code on kenai: Get address of SVN:
4. Change directories to the location on your local machine where the repository will be checked out. For example:
 > cd myproj
5. Check out the server repository into a new directory. In the following command, Subversion creates the bluebird-svn directory for you.
 > svn co
Note: Checking out the source for a project by using a URL like the one above pulls down all the branches and tags, in addition to the trunk code. If there’s already code in the repository, you might want to specify a subdirectory to select just the trunk or a branch or tag.
6. Copy a file to the local directory and then add it in subversion.
 > cp my_svn_dir
 > cd my_svn_dir
 > svn add
 > svn add *.java // batch operation
7. You see the following acknowledgment, which means that the file has been added and is ready to be checked in:
8. Update your local working copy (in case someone has checked files in while you were working):
 > svn update
9. Check the file into your project repository on the server:
 > svn commit -m”First commit to bluebird repository”
10. When prompted for your password, enter your project password. If the userid doesn’t match your password, you’re prompted for the project userid and then the password.
11. When the system accepts your entries, you see the following responses for the initial checkin:
 Transmitting file data.
 Committed revision 1.

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