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Linux kernel I/O Stack Diagram

Found this figure online. The title of this diagram may be biased as it is not the complete I/O stack but a concentration on block devices with a focus on SCSI layer. Some important missing stuffs, in my opinion, include … Continue reading

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Trustworthy Whole-System Provenance for the Linux Kernel

Our paper “Trustworthy Whole-System Provenance for the Linux Kernel” has been accepted by USENIX Security 2015. While details could be found in the paper (link below), I would like to talk about some background about LPM (a.k.a., Linux Provenance Module, … Continue reading

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Kernel Hacking – use crypto API in the IRQ context

After my first post about Linux kernel crypto API, I keep playing with kernel crypto API for DSA and RSA implementations (will talk about these in my future posts). The truth is crypto API is NOT designed for IRQ context. … Continue reading

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byte order – Linux kernel byte order APIs

Most of the time, user-space applications do not care about the endian of the running machine, like we call send() and recv() directly expecting the right order of the data and they work! However, things could be changed if you … Continue reading

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ksig – sending signals from the kernel space to the user space

While syscall kill() gives users the ability to send certain signal to certain process in the user space of Linux, the story is totally different if we want to send signals from the kernel space to the user space. After … Continue reading

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KT – use kernel timers in the Linux kernel

Compared to start a timer directly in certain kernel thread which will make the thread sleep for a while, using a kernel timer may be much more desired without stopping the current working thread. This post demonstrates a live example … Continue reading

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USB mass storage on Gumstix – a tricky issue using Yocto Daisy

A recent upgrade of Yocto, from Dora to Daisy, broke the things worked before. Actually, CONFIG_USB_MASS_STORAGE, enabled in the defconfig of the Overo, was not passed to the .config during the kernel build. This weird missing config costed me 24-hour … Continue reading

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