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fsl – Fedora Security Lab

fsl (Fedora Security Lab) is a customized Fedora OS for security hack/test based Fedora 19. Like the famous BackTrace Linux, fsl has integrated a butch of security tools. To take the advantage of fsl, either security liveCD or all the … Continue reading

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Android 4.0 for x86 – Install Android 4.0 using KVM in your Linux

Thanks to the project Android-x86, now Android 4.0 is able to run in our PC stably. Just installed Android 4.0 in my Fedora 18 Linux using KVM – it is stable and cool! This post shares some key points for … Continue reading

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libmesa conflicts with Gnome 3 on Fedora 18 – run into black screen after libmesa update

A recent update on libmesa caused my Fedora 18 running into black screen during displaying the login screen. Note that Fedora 18 is using Gnome 3 as the default login desktop before you could switch to others, like my favorate … Continue reading

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iptables, firewalld and Fedora 18

After setting up httpd in my Fedora 18, I was not able to get access to my own web server. I thought it was related with firewall within the local network, like port 80 being blocked. However, thanks to Mingwei … Continue reading

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Add a new syscall into Linux kernel – for fedora 18 with kernel 3.8.7

Adding a new syscall into Linux kernel would be tricky for the beginners (like myself), especially considering the kernel source tree structure changes among different versions. It seems most of the online tutorials focusing on older versions of kernel (2.6.X) … Continue reading

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webcam on Linux (Fedora) – issues with Skype

Install a webcam on Linux is kind of tricky. The problem is almost none of the manufacturer would provide the Linux driver when delivering their products. And again, the power of open source community would be the hero again. There … Continue reading

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Nvidia, sucks – issues related with the official GPU driver and CUDA on Linux (Fedora 18)

Nvidia, you SUCK! If you are planning to install the latest official GPU driver for your latest Linux, which means most probably you wanna try CUDA, then please BE WARE! I had installed the 310.xx version of Nvidia Linux driver, … Continue reading

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