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Jar usage

(1)Create jar (创建jar) jar cf hello.jar hello 利用test目录生成hello.jar包,如hello.jar存在,则覆盖 (2)Create jar and display the process (创建并显示打包过程) jar cvf hello.jar hello 利用hello目录创建hello.jar包,并显示创建过程 例:E:\>jar cvf hello.jar hello 标明清单(manifest) 增加:hello/(读入= 0) (写出= 0)(存储了 0%) 增加:hello/TestServlet2.class(读入= 1497) (写出= 818)(压缩了 45%) 增加:hello/HelloServlet.class(读入= 1344) (写出= 736)(压缩了 45%) … Continue reading

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Tune look&feel, language for NetBeans

To change the look&feel, language for NetBeans (改变NetBeans的外观和默认的语言环境), especially for the IDE on Windows XP with default language – Chinese: Modify ‘netbeans.conf’ under your ‘$NETBEANS_HOME/etc/’  by adding –laf javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel //change the look&feel into Java metal style –locale en_US // change … Continue reading

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Reflection in Java

/* The Reflection Test Class used to realize the functions of    java.lang.reflect, referrenced by Corejava Volume I    Display the fields, constructors, and methods, as well as annotations    and exceptions respectively    by kingmmxtj Nov 20, 2008    … Continue reading

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